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Spa Policy


Privacy Policy (c) THAT GIRL

Eyelash Extensions and other services.


To All Clients


1. Show Up 10-15 minutes minimum prior to Your Appointment. There might be a need for a client intake forms to be filled out. Respect Estheticians, Lash Technician or any other employee time. In case of lateness Your Appointment might need to be rescheduled to the next available date and time. We do anything possible to fit You into our schedule and make You feel Comfortable.


2. No call, no Show,- You will be charged a Fee of $75 for not showing up for Your appointment. Our Technicians Are getting paid for Their time and skills. Please know that we need a 48 hr notice (two days prior your appointment notice) if you want to reschedule or cancel Your appointment so we can book Available Time with other Client who may need the spot. If you are late for Your appointment more than 10-15 minutes with or without any notice You will be charged a fee of $50 to Your card and Your appointment most-likely will be rescheduled.  Look Privacy Policy N1.


3. Clean Eyes. Our beautiful Eyelash Extension Clients It Is Your job, specifically what comes to lash extensions, that You show up with clean Eyes (no make Up, no Mascara). If You are Late and Have Eyes full of make Up, You will be sent home and charged a late fee. If you are on Time and have Make up on Your Eyes,- You will be sent to a bathroom to wash off Your make up. Or if there is enough Time Technician might provide Eye Cleansing service for a fee. Please note: Eye cleansing usually takes up to 25 minutes depends how much make up You have and how easy or difficult it is to remove.


4. We do not return money if you appeared to be allergic to eye lash extensions or adhesive. It is between you and your physician. It is your responsibility to notify us in case of allergic reaction and show up to take lashes off the next morning or ASAP in case of allergic reaction.

In order to accommodate you we have to see your eyes. We have to see You physically in order to help You. HearSaying is not acceptable.


5. Be aware that WE OFFER and  WE DO SUGGEST to show up for adhesive/allergy reaction test prior to your first appointment (technician/professional has to do testing on their free/available time/or the time provided in the schedule specifically for testing. During that Test few lashes will be applied to Your eyes to make sure Your skin around the eye area doesn’t have any reactions within next 24-48 hours. Application takes about 15 minutes and will cost a small fee of $25, a fee for materials and time. You might schedule Your Lash testing over the phone.


6. In case Your Lashes did not last till your Refill appointment. It is Your responsibility to notify Your Technician immediately that less than 50% of lashes have left. (so we can fix the problem right away. We need to know ASAP to give You enough Time for your Correction at the time of your scheduled appointment/Refill.


NOTE: Every Day we loose 2-5 Lashes. ALL Depending on Your Hair Growth and Skin Type. Every person goes through Shedding. For some it is spring, for others it is fall time and sometimes even summer. They are sensitive to any type of humidity, high heat next to your eye area or close to it. Please be aware of the many factors on why your Extensions behaving certain way.


Oily Skin Types tend to loose more lashes by the time of their refill than dry and normal skin.

You might be not a candidate for Eyelash Extensions if You have Watery Eyes, IF you have discomfort while You have Extensions On or while You having treatment done. Allergic reactions might be different for every individual.


Once You booked an appointment online. You automatically agree to the terms and conditions and have full understanding of the treatments, process and outcomes. Also, Detail Description of services You can find online on the web page.


NOTE: if you are  Late for any of your appointment(s) the Technician will stop right on time when appointment should be finished and get ready for the next client. Our policy does not allow us to be late for next scheduled client as it is disrespectful to their time and moneys as well.




We Are happy to have You as our client and a special guest in Our Salon.


That Girl TM

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